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The New Americana

In the United States, from the mid to late 20th Century, American began an obsession with artifacts such as painting, illustration, drawing that represent the culture and heritage of American life. This movement is...


Transforming Lives

Recently, I was asked to participate in a very inspiring art program by the good people of BoomBoom Prints. BoomBoom Prints linked up with a wonderful non-profit called FreeArtsMn (! Free Arts Minnesota inspires hope...



Rowing is one of the oldest sports in the world. It began as a means of transportation and warfare, then eventually became a sport with a very wide following. Since the earliest recorded references to rowing, the sportsmanship aspect... 0

The Art Of Wrestling.

Anyone that’s watched little kids wrestle knows that there is a true art to it. This statement could not be more true than when talking about professional wrestling. How do two exceptionally brawny opponents...


Lucha Libre Liberation

Today my eldest son (still only 5) “commissioned” me to make a masked wrestling design. Not one to disappoint, I decided to make a Lucha Libre vintage style poster. Having grown up watching these masked marvels battle...