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So I recently discovered a great desktop app (and accompanying mobile app) for creating games on mobile devices.

Now I have in the passed created several iPhone games and apps, but it wasn’t easy. To make effect apps and fun games, you pretty much needed to learn Apple’s priority development tool, xCode. While xCode is unbelievably powerful, the learning curve is very very steep. When I decided to start creating games, I took hours of online courses for xCode and read everything I could. In addition to this, you need to pay a yearly developer fee to Apple and the process of submitting something and getting it approved by Apple is awkward, tedious, and takes a long time.

But, there are many great developers and designers out there that love xCode! Just not me…

So I had decided to shelve that idea until I discovered GameLooper.


Gamelooper is a drag and drop mobile game development kit. It allows you to drag graphics onto screens and then drag and drop “logic” to add functionality. These logic blocks are the usual “If this then that” sort of thing that you interlink together to tell your graphics to move, crash, score and so on. Want to see it on you iPhone? Just hit the save button and your project is loaded to your iPhone via Dropbox. Wait, no iPhone? You have an Android device? No problem – just set up the mobile player on any Apple or Android devices and you are good to go! It’s cross platform automagically.

Once you’ve got a game that you love, you can request that it gets published. You have an option to publish through Gamelooper for a revenue share or self publish for a fee. Having already gone thru the chore of uploading to the Apple App Store for publishing, I can tell you I’d rather have someone else do that for me. Not to mention I have no clue how to publish to the Google Play store.

So what have I done with GameLooper so far? Well as of this writing, I have a cute little game being review by the good people of GameLooper as  a potential “publishable” game. I decided to create a fun little game called Tueples where you have to catch flying “tupelos” and drag them into a vortex (kinda like a trash bin). There’s minimum number of tupelos you need to catch per level plus a timer. Frenetic fun! Here are some screen shots.





Also the support from GameLooper has been unbelievable. They have a great support page on Facebook and answer questions very quickly.

So I’ll keep you all posted on the progress of Tueples!


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