Seasoning Chicks

No, no this isn’t a recipe post. But I am preparing some chicks for a season, the Easter Season to be exact.

I recently added Boom Boom Prints to my many outlets for my illustration work. Boom Boom Prints is a bit different from the other art sites in that it focuses on artwork for new Moms & Dads and their kids. They produce wonderful prints, cards, baby/toddler apparel, lunch bags, totes, Maternity wear and much more. Being a Dad of three myself, I found it quite appealing that Boom Boom Prints is run by parents for parents. I’ve had the pleasure of corresponding directly with Brett Brohl, the Founder and CEO of Boom Boom Prints, and their openness, helpfulness and advice are invaluable. I even got a hand written card from Brett in one of my recent orders. Now that’s not something you see CEO’s do often, and it’s a heck of nice touch. You can read more about them here.

Anyway, Boom Boom Prints was kind enough to remind me that Easter is just around the corner and suggested I craft a piece or two for the occasion. So I open up my recipe book, er, my sketch pad and started with the doodles. Hmm, Chicks, Ducks or Rabbits…





Well my Rabbits weren’t feeling right without bodies and frankly my Ducks were a tad too creepy for Easter (I’ll save them for Halloween perhaps). So I settled on the Chicks. I felt that the simple form would lend itself nicely to a few different applications. So on to Illustrator. This shape was simple enough to draw directly in Illustrator without the need for scanning.




And, like a potato chip, you can’t stop at just one.



Taking the base illustration, I modified facial expressions, body positions and blend mode with different color overlays.

Now ready with my army of chicks, time to create a few layouts:







Check out all the cool stuff over at Boom Boom Prints here! And Happy Easter!


PS: My Riso Rabbit became a an Easter Rabbit as well:




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