The Art Of Wrestling.

Anyone that’s watched little kids wrestle knows that there is a true art to it. This statement could not be more true than when talking about professional wrestling. How do two exceptionally brawny opponents get in a ring and throw each other around without hurting themselves? Tricky but exciting to watch.

I grew up watching late night wrestling well before the days if the WWF. To me, these men were heroes. In particular the masked fighters that wrestled in a style know as Lucha Libre or “free fighting”. The masks were colorful, intriguing, heroic and mysterious.

So here are a few I recently created. See if you recognize any of them. All are available as prints, shirts and more from our good friends at Boom Boom Prints. Go check them out.









Here is the same style style as a full poster:




Also, if you like more traditional style Luche Libre posters, here are a few:




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