The Making of The Mad Hatter

This project started off as another submission to the Society6 Riso-zine collaboration. It follows the same style as my previous entry based on the White Rabbit of Alice In Wonderland.

Here is the initial hand drawn sketch – very loose and quick. I was just trying to get the idea down on paper as quickly as possible (especially with  three kids jumping around me). I did do one vellum trace to see if the idea still worked for me.



From here, it’s scanned in and brought into Illustrator. Primary lines are traced. Symmetry maintained for now as the main lines of the form are created. I also started playing with how the colors could work together (see bow tie) and changed up the hat for more impact. The swatches on the left are the colors I have to work with.


Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.46.59 AM


And finally adding weight to the lines, adding detail and some halftone patterns for shadows and highlights.

Although I love the deadpan expression from the initial trace and sketch upto this point, I decided to change the eyes and make him friendlier. Less “mad” and more “cute”. So this became the final submission. Fingers Crossed!



Then I decided to make a variation of this for other markets (not everyone is into Risograph colors, ya know). This one is posted on sites such as




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