The New Americana

In the United States, from the mid to late 20th Century, American began an obsession with artifacts such as painting, illustration, drawing that represent the culture and heritage of American life. This movement is usually referred to as “Americana”. Americana was largely associated with nostalgia for an idealized life in small towns and small cities in America. Henry Seidel Canby wrote “It is the small town, the small city, that is our heritage. We have made twentieth-century America from it, and some account of these communities as they were … we owe our children and grandchildren.

Arguably the most famous artist to capture the American culture of this period is Norman Rockwell with his cover illustrations of everyday life he created for The Saturday Evening Post magazine over nearly five decades. While I do not pretend to be of the same caliber as Rockwell, I do want to capture the everyday life of my family growing up in small town USA. These are are few of my recent additions to my Americana Collection. I hope you enjoy them.




















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